Life Update #4

My test went very well unfortunately the man I had my eyes on for a while is married. I am happy that he is forever but it hurts that most of my class mates are married and happy. I’m not really that smart or pretty either so that finding out that he’s married really hurts me. I will always treat him like a friend but sometimes I wonder when god will bless me with the godly husband that I always wanted. I’m trying to be patient everyday while also treating others nicely and always showing love. I will always be happy that others are married and happy but honestly what about me? I love god to my heart forever and he always comes first but when will my real godly man who loves god forever while also loving anime and video games like myself. I’m honestly trying to be patient and love him always but days like this hurt a lot. Guess I will try to be happy and focus on being aΒ Β  godly woman while also loving god and continue my studies as a sophomore in college.


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