Truth 7: How Anime Changed My Life As A Christian Woman?


I was later introduced to Anime (Japanese cartoons) during middle school. Before that  I was really shy and quiet person with hardly no friends. After watching my first Anime Shugo Chara I soon began to watch more, dance to Japanese and Korean pop music and most importantly meet more friends today who enjoy Anime like myself. My all time favorite would be Full Metal Alchemist and Fairy Tail. As of now I spend my days singing and dancing on YouTube to Anime, Japanese and Korean music. I only work hard and perform for God as of now because that will make him happy. Now I’m beginning to make friends who are not only Christians but also love Anime.


2 thoughts on “Truth 7: How Anime Changed My Life As A Christian Woman?

  1. I’m glad that you found a love for anime and that it positively changed your life! For me, anime was my destruction back in middle school, as it caught me in all sorts of terrible sexual addictions. God came through those circumstances and I blog on my personal blog, Otaku Collision, with a passion for sharing the Gospel with other anime fans! Fullmetal Alchemist is my favorite series too! It’s cool that we have that in common!

    1. Wow thats amazing :). I really love your blog as well :D. Anime and god is what made me basically happy and I will forever need both :D. Im happy to find more people like you who loves God and Anime. I will be looking forward to reading your blog posts :D.

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