Truth 8: How I Am Still Learning To Trust God When It Comes To Finding A Godly Boyfriend


I battle this problem everyday and sadly it doesn’t help that Valentines Day is coming up or see all my best friends getting married or living with their lovers. God blessed me a long time with the BEST boyfriend I could ever wish for. We both enjoyed anime and many things. Sadly we both weren’t really close with God and did many things that made me totally forget about him . Sooner or later God decided that after four years our relationship had to be over. He was a Scorpio and I was a Virgo so we were extremely compatible and in love but weren’t really close with god in our relationship. We both really never prayed together or went to church. Instead we began to make out and more that now today wish that never happened. Instead I wished we both were close with God and acted like a Christian couple. As of now today he ignores me and that hurts me because he wont even be friends with me. I also figured out by my friends that he began to make fun of me because how I was. Now I don’t wish for anything bad to happen but instead I only wish that he changes and turns to God like I have. When we broke up with me though text I soon meet my best friend who I LOOVED SO MUCH!!!. Like he was an amazing fellow whos parents loved god and was friendly. Sadly God made it so we weren’t best for each other. I hate that his decisions are true but I will always trust god forever. It hurts because I love him and we both had fun together. I know God is writing my love story as of now but everyday I don’t loose patience but gets sad because I keep wondering when I will have that special person in my life who will love God like I do. I wish we both would:

  1. Pray everyday
  2. Read the bible and have bible study
  3. Go to church
  4. Have the healthiest relationship towards God and ourselves
  5. Cuddle while watching anime and more
They say its best to wait for God. Everyday I try but its honestly hard. I will always love him first like they say to do but I wish to do it with someone who I will love forever while also loving God and doing godly things.
It will always hurt to see others happily in love or seeing a man who God knows isn’t right for me. But for now I will help others and act in as a Godly woman should. Everyday I try to pray and read the bible because I love God so much. Maybe its best to wait a little longer until God believes I’m  ready for love again .
It will be really hard but I have my full trust with God forever and I know he’s working on me and waiting until its best for me to have a  lover who loves God like I do. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Truth 8: How I Am Still Learning To Trust God When It Comes To Finding A Godly Boyfriend

  1. You seem fairly young, but I do not know. I’m getting it off of your post.

    I teach my children that getting to know a person’s heart before they take to the touching, hugging, kissing, and sexual encounters. I teach them these things, because I know the hurt that comes from just getting the physical part of someone .

    I would suggest to you, to sit down and write out all the things you want in a lifelong partner. From his walk with God, where he sees himself 5 to 10 yearss. What goals do you want this person to have?

    I have found that having teenagers do this, gives them something that they can look at on a daily basis. It works with adults as well.

    If people want to make fun of you, because you are christian woman, then your doing your part. Jealousy is the common root to being bullied or made fun of.

    Keep God in all things of your life. He will send you someone that will lift you up, honor you, and give you the love that a couple should have. Don’t rush. God isn’t going to do it on our time. Even though sometimes I even think he takes to long. His timing is perfect and ours isn’t.

    I will pray for you as you continue your journey. Think about how wonderful this person is gonna be when you come face to face with him.. Exciting to think about. God Bless!!!

    1. Thank you :). Im 19 and focusing on helping others and being a godly woman ^^. Im learning to be patient but some days its hard. But I trust that god will do his best with me

  2. I pray that God give you the desires of your heart. God bless you for being so transparent and honest. Your brave deed of talking about this so openly will help many people. I m dealing with the same situation. I love your response…focus on helping people. That is beautiful!

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