Truth 10: Why Its Best To Treat Everyone Like Family Even Your Siblings Or Else God Will Get You Good!

So in my family theirs me Faith my older sister Charity and my youngest sister Hope. We all love each other but sometimes since me and Charity are the oldest we tend to pick on our little sister only for fun. Like nothing serious but because we love each other we all even Hope play and its fine. But I’m getting older and started to see that its best to stop and love her more. Shes really clingy and loves to hug, some days I don’t mind but sometimes she does things for attention. But no matter what its best to show her love. Today me and Charity were talking about Hope being boy crazy because she loves this guy at our college. I wish I never gave in because God got be back extremely well it hurts. After class I saw the boy that I loved so much but knew we couldn’t be together because he only thinks as me as a friend. When I saw him sadly God made it so I couldn’t talk to him and that really hurt me. He was talking to his friend as well. Overall this lesson taught me that no more should I talk about my little sister in a way instead show her love more. Today started off great but then I messed up and got what I deserved.

Seeing the boy I know will never love me after I make fun of my younger sister is just Gods main lesson to always treat others friendly even your family members. I hate that this happened and I will always apologize to God for doing this. No more!



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