Truth #13 God Will Bless You When You Least Expect It

I just remembered when something dear happened to me causing myself to cry myself to sleep. I remember that I wanted to say happy Thanksgiving to my best friend that I loved but failed. I was hurt because I really wanted to say it but choose something more selfish. That night I feel asleep hurting and crying. Than that Sunday I think was when I got to actually get confidence to text him saying happy late thanksgiving. After that we talked for aΒ  while and then he told me that he was ultra happy to see me that he actually wanted to hang out. It was just the two of us so I didn’t know if it was a date or just hanging out. But that didn’t matter because we had fun and talked about our future jobs. It was really fun and he even let me take home the rest of the pizza which I shared with my family :D. We are still best friends now but I’m happy that God let me see my best friend again :D.


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