Something Great About Myself #20

As of today I will be learning to work harder with my studies and strive for straight A’s like last time. Since I got lazy and began to get C’s and B’s my grades kept going down which is bad.



What I am thankful for

  1. God
  2. Waking up today
  3. Getting my HW done
  4. Working today
  5. Valentines Day
  6. Family
  7. YouTube videos
  8. Learning many things about gods timing.

Something Great About Myself #19

I will always be thankful that I educate myself everyday somehow. It can either be by watching yt videos or reading blogs about god. Lately I watched alot of vlogs about how to never settle for less and ONLY ASK GOD ONCE for what you need and just surrender to him. You can do this be praying a meaningful prayer and ask god what you desire and after that just be patient and learn to never ask again. By doing this your trusting god and you will always know he is working and up to your prayer. I asked god many times to provide me a future husband but I learned to just wait and pray only once. After this I should just focus on god by reading many quotes about god, watching helpful videos and more to help myself understand him more. I’m patient because I have faith that he will bless me with someone who actually will love me no matter what. Sure all my friends have a happy relationship but in the end im happy for them and will do anything to support :D. I told god I can wait forever as long as I trust him :D. Waiting for his patience also means to not even look or wonder where is. For instance try not to go to church just for a hubby or even dating sites. As long as you wait and do what is right not easy god will always provide what you wish. I can’t wait honestly but I will wait forever :). I wont be sad because god will provide me other blessings. This week so many people actually ordered from my shop which made me happy. God even blessed me by fixing my phone :D. I’m happy so for me I just need to keep doing what is right not easy and know that gods watching me :D. I wont settle for less. Meaning if someone wants to date me I will make sure its a blessing from god. If its a test then I know what to actually do which is just say no and leave. I know what I want and im going to wait and have faith on god because he knows what to do :D. I’m happy and will always do the right thing and never try to cheat god by doing bad things :D.


I am thankful for:

  1. God
  2. People buying from my etsy shop
  3. Uploading YT videos
  4. Helping sister make food
  5. Finding another fav song
  6. Helping parents
  7. Studying and doing the right thing
  8. Making valentines day gifts for class
  9. Help youtube videos about not settling for less
  10. Praying
  11. Cleaning my room
  12. My friend birthday and being happy about her relationship
  13. God fixing my phone
  14. Candy
  15. Helping others with their dogs
  16. College
  17. Working on my singing career πŸ˜€