A little update :)

Hey guys!


Sorry for not posting more often :(. College is almost done for me and as of now I have learned more about God :). Every morning I dedicated myself to watch faith building messages on YouTube. The ones I usually watch messages from Terri Savelle Foy and Joyce Meyer’s :).


Both are very inspirational and helped learn more about God himself. My past has been very hard for me and I still have many scar’s from it. But thankfully these two ladies helped me grow in faith :D.

I also started to talk to god more often and figured out my calling as well as learning to be less selfish and do good. I already been performing this but usually I always wanted something in return :(. Really bad move.

Anyways life has been a lot better for me and I will always thank God for forgiving myself with my mistakes and letting me have another chance :).

And as for focusing on finding my prince, I will let God do what is best for me :).


Thank you all for reading ^^. If you have any questions to ask please ask me :D.


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