What are your godly gifts?


We all have that special gift or talent that god has blessed us with. What are yours?

Mine would be:
1. Having a creative mind
2. Cleaning
3. Studying and examining things
4. Performing arts


A letter to the one and only


Dear Lord,
Even though I make a lot of mistakes in my life, that will never stop me from serving you. With you in my life I actually felt happy and want to change myself to be more like you :). The road to that journey will be hard, but with faith anything is possible.  Thank you for everythingβœŒπŸ˜‡.

God created all of us in his image


This is one bible scripture that always needs to be in my heart. Everyday I battle being insecure and feeling like im not important or needed. But all we need to remember is that God has a special purpose for us and we are made in his image :). And if everything god has made is beautiful, than we all are :).