Our Purpose :)

I am made with a purpose :).

Hi guys ^^. So today I will be talking about all of us having a purpose.
God created us for a reason (which makes me happy). Lately I have been working hard
on a few projects lately which means my body tempting me to be lazy. I am naturally a lazy
person, but after starting reading the bible I knowtist some thigs. Since God has allowed all
of us to have a hue purspose in life, we should all work really hard and only for him. Sure
many people will be confused but we all need to remember that we are working for only him and
not for everyone else. I really wish I knew this back then :(. But now I plan to dedicate my life for
only him and whatever my purpose is I will keep working hard and keep going until it’s finished :D.




Somthing Great About Myself #24 Sleeping

Everyday now I stay up very late to finish some college work. And I will always thank god for giving me and my sister who are attending college to sleep throughout the day. College will always be hard but sleeping after getting work done is always work it :D.


I’m thankful for:

  1. God
  2. Waking up this morning
  3. Helping parents
  4. Sleeping
  5. Singing rehearsal
  6. Math class
  7. Buying many materials for my yt channel
  8. Biology homework
  9. Watchingย  gameplays
  10. Reading helpful articles
  11. Buying myself and my sister something off amazon
  12. Disecting a frog for biology
  13. Uploading a dance cover.


I am thankful for:

  1. God
  2. Watching funny game play videos
  3. Learning to move on and love god more
  4. Driving
  5. Sleeping
  6. Researching many interesting things about learning to let go
  7. Attempting to take my mythology test
  8. Eating Ice Cream
  9. Learning how to be popular on YouTube
  10. Renting two of my fav movies