God is Love

Love is a love thing to experience

Expecially if it’s by someone you love

Love should be peaceful, calm, gentle and will never harm others

Love is telling others the truth if you donโ€™t like them

Love is still loving your siblings even though they ate the last piece of cake

Love is treating others on how you would loved to be treated

Love is helping others without wanting in return

Love is not selfishness

Love is not greed

Love is not treating others badly

Everyone deserves this beautiful gift

Love is for everyone

God is love



Romans 12: Gifts God has blessed me with


  1. Skilled Crafting (Using my hands)
  2. Artistry
  3. Helping others
  4. Encouraging others
  5. Giving
  6. Mercy
  7. Writing
  8. Service
  9. Hospitality

What gifts will you use to serve the kingdom? Make sure to ask God to reveal them to you as well. He will be happy to show you <3.

What are your idols? Romantic Idolatry?

Hi everyone!

I remember in the past where I struggled with Idolatry a lot. My main reason was to be in a relationship, get married etc. What ended up happening was I actually wanted it more than God :(.

You see anything we put before God, love than God, desire more than God would be Idolatry. Think about it, God has done a lot of us and it would be pretty selfish that he isn’t what brings us happiness.

God really hates Idolatry and WILL destroy your idol :). ย Here are some tips to help you get rid of your Idol and be happy with God only.

Tips to overcome Idolatry:

  1. Get rid of everything that brings more joy than God. I decided to stay celibate and give my desire of marriage to God. This means I don’t wish to be in a relationship or even desire to be since that became my idol. I love God a lot and if getting married brings more joy than him, than I don’t want it anymore.
  2. Write a list of things God has done in your life.ย This will help you remember what God has done for you. It will also help you find joy in God only ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Try to make God the center of your life
  4. Pray for God to help you identify your idolย Asking God for help is an amazing thing. Since he love’s you, he will gladly show you all your idols located in your heart. He will also help you get rid of them.

God loves us all and we should find complete happiness from him only!