Deuteronomy 6:5 NLT

Life Goals for the kingdom

Hello everyone :). Here are some of my goals I wish to happen in the future :).

Life Goals

– Try to love others

– Marry Jesus πŸ™‚

– Bring people to Jesus


– Help others

– Don’t love anyone more than God

– Tell others about him


I am thankful for:

  1. God
  2. People buying from my etsy shop
  3. Uploading YT videos
  4. Helping sister make food
  5. Finding another fav song
  6. Helping parents
  7. Studying and doing the right thing
  8. Making valentines day gifts for class
  9. Help youtube videos about not settling for less
  10. Praying
  11. Cleaning my room
  12. My friend birthday and being happy about her relationship
  13. God fixing my phone
  14. Candy
  15. Helping others with their dogs
  16. College
  17. Working on my singing career πŸ˜€

Somthing Great About Myself #5 Graphic/Website Design and Video Editing

I enjoy having the talent of making great designs for my blog and website. It is always fun to do and really easy. If others need help I will always feel free to help with video editing and graphic design :D.

Truth 12# Always Treat Others Friendy and Do The Right Thing

Today is my crush’s birthday :D. He’s officially 20 years old. Even though God knows who is best for me and I know its not him. Its always best to wish him the best Birthday ever and always do the same with others. I will always treat others like family and friendly like because that’s all that will make me happy!