Truth #16 Someone actually needs me out there!

So this past week I have been upset that people who I thought liked me didn’t even thought of me in such ways. I was hurt and also gave up on love.

After reading many Christian quotes about love I realized that god actually knows who my future boyfriend is and that I should wait andย focus on work. That actually makes me happy because someone will actually love me which means NO MORE CRUSH’S!!!!!. I don’t care who they are or look like. Honestly I want them to fear god and know who he is. I cant wait to meet him ^^.

We both can spend time playing video games, watch many animes, maybe dance together and most importantly snuggle while reading the bible every morning and night :D. Now since I think like this I’m working extra hard now and actually feel happier now that someone needs me and I shouldn’t just give up because the one I thought loved me doesn’t even think of me :).

Thank you god for everything ^^. Please make sure we both are only focused on you forever :D.