So I spent the whole day learning the whole meaning about crushes and what I learned was theirs a great meaning why its called a crush. Honestly if they loved you then they would:

  1. Make time for you
  2. Call or text first
  3. Show  that they are interested in yourself and mostly god
He  sadly did non of  these things. He is a great Christian man but I wish his Faith was big like myself. Meaning he will always talk about God during confos. He is still my best friend but it’s best to leave him alone because honestly I don’t think Godly thoughts around him at all. For now I will see if he even cares my absence while I focus on God more because after all he will always love me. They say to just be like bye but that’s not nice. You always need to treat others will love no matter what.
Even if he doesn’t love me that wont matter because I know God will always love me and I will just need to focus on him everyday meaning reading the bible and praying in the morning. While doing Godly things. I know God put him their for a reason but its best to leave if he doesn’t show any interest in liking me while I am wasting my time making the first move. Usally guys are suppost to just to see if they are interested. Even if he’s shy at least show me that you acutally liked my company. He was always mainly focused on school work and college which made me happy but I believe that’s all he need to focus on to be happy without me.
I’m kinda sad but I know God will always love me and I just need to focus on him forvever. Even if he gives me a Godly boyfriend. I still want to study the bible with and while also pray everyday!