In Your Presence (Music Video) by Anointed Fire

Hello everyone! If you have the time please watch this amazing video from the lovely Anointed Fire. She had the amazing opportunity to create this beautiful music video that symbolizes a lot about our lives with Jesus as well :). Not going to lie, might shed a few tears, but overall it’s worth watching. If you have the time please watch, the link will be down below :).

In Your Presence (Music Video)



Obey want God says :)


Genesis 6:22
Noah did everything just as God commanded him.

As I grow older I keep pushing God aside and focus on worldly things :(. Today was honestly the first time I went to church in a long time, and let’s just say I learned a lot :).

The main topic the pastor was taking about was to obey God and to only live for him and not this world. 

I have a lot of fixing to do myself but for now my main focus should only be for him and not on other things.