Life Goals for the kingdom

Hello everyone :). Here are some of my goals I wish to happen in the future :).

Life Goals

– Try to love others

– Marry Jesus 🙂

– Bring people to Jesus


– Help others

– Don’t love anyone more than God

– Tell others about him

In Your Presence (Music Video) by Anointed Fire

Hello everyone! If you have the time please watch this amazing video from the lovely Anointed Fire. She had the amazing opportunity to create this beautiful music video that symbolizes a lot about our lives with Jesus as well :). Not going to lie, might shed a few tears, but overall it’s worth watching. If you have the time please watch, the link will be down below :).

In Your Presence (Music Video)


Our Purpose :)

I am made with a purpose :).

Hi guys ^^. So today I will be talking about all of us having a purpose.
God created us for a reason (which makes me happy). Lately I have been working hard
on a few projects lately which means my body tempting me to be lazy. I am naturally a lazy
person, but after starting reading the bible I knowtist some thigs. Since God has allowed all
of us to have a hue purspose in life, we should all work really hard and only for him. Sure
many people will be confused but we all need to remember that we are working for only him and
not for everyone else. I really wish I knew this back then :(. But now I plan to dedicate my life for
only him and whatever my purpose is I will keep working hard and keep going until it’s finished :D.



God’s Way

Hi guys!

So I have been reading the bible lately and this quote really stood out to me ^^.

“Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go to Pharaoh and say to him, “This is what the Lord says: Let my people go, so that they may worship me.” Exodus 8:1

This quote really stood out to be because to me it means that whatever the Lord wishes me to do, I will follow him always ^^. The journey will also be hard but as long as I follow his way, than the Lord will always make a way for me to finish :D.

A very nice old man


“God is love”.

I will never forget what this kind man told me. On this past Thursday me and my family decided to make a quick stop to Wal-Mart. Me and my sister usually enjoy only going to get some craft supplies, but this day was different. We were in the need for just a cheap and functional webcam meaning we had to travel to the electronic area of the store. While heading over to our destination, this kindly old man stopped us and asked us some questions. Now honestly at first this was quite terrifying but luckily he was very kind. The question he asked us was “Do you know who created love”?. At first I was pretty confused, but then I saw that he was talking about God himself. I’m guessing the main reason he also approached us was because of what I was wearing (a cross necklace). We ended up talking some more which made me really happy because usually no one is open about Christ himself in public. I will always remember this man and also hope there are more people like him who are open about God :).