Truth #17 Learning To Remind Myself That To Trust God With His Timing With Finding My Future Husband!


So Valentines Days is coming up and as of now my friends are preparing to spend that special day with their loved ones. No matter what I will always be happy for them because honestly everyone deserves to be happy! Earlier today on Facebook I saw one of my friends post about how wonderful her boyfriend is and how she wasn’t to marry him soon and he agrees. Now of course this melts my heart but also makes me sad as well. I am still learning to wait patiently but sometimes its hard because everyone else is happy with their soulmate. I know god loves me so that makes me happy. I also know that as of now he needs me to be close to him as possible. As of now I’m doing that but some days I just wish I can meet my future husband.

I love god so much and trust him as well so I plan to continue to wait while also paying attention to him not matter what. Sadly I might not get a bouquet of flowers or heart shaped chocolate candies for Valentines day from my future boyfriend. But it wont really matter because I have god and I know he’s working on someone who really needs me :).



Truth #15 God is all I need!

So it took me a while to decide but it’s best to be single so I can be closer and only pay attention to god.  It hurts a little but god is all I need and no one would love me like him :D. The only people who honestly loves me is my family,  god, and friends. I won’t be that stubborn single person. But instead be happy for others and help others more.  Even though I won’t have a wedding or more.  I won’t need it because all I need is god and he will always love me :D.