Something Great About Myself #19

I will always be thankful that I educate myself everyday somehow. It can either be by watching yt videos or reading blogs about god. Lately I watched alot of vlogs about how to never settle for less and ONLY ASK GOD ONCE for what you need and just surrender to him. You can do this be praying a meaningful prayer and ask god what you desire and after that just be patient and learn to never ask again. By doing this your trusting god and you will always know he is working and up to your prayer. I asked god many times to provide me a future husband but I learned to just wait and pray only once. After this I should just focus on god by reading many quotes about god, watching helpful videos and more to help myself understand him more. I’m patient because I have faith that he will bless me with someone who actually will love me no matter what. Sure all my friends have a happy relationship but in the end im happy for them and will do anything to support :D. I told god I can wait forever as long as I trust him :D. Waiting for his patience also means to not even look or wonder where is. For instance try not to go to church just for a hubby or even dating sites. As long as you wait and do what is right not easy god will always provide what you wish. I can’t wait honestly but I will wait forever :). I wont be sad because god will provide me other blessings. This week so many people actually ordered from my shop which made me happy. God even blessed me by fixing my phone :D. I’m happy so for me I just need to keep doing what is right not easy and know that gods watching me :D. I wont settle for less. Meaning if someone wants to date me I will make sure its a blessing from god. If its a test then I know what to actually do which is just say no and leave. I know what I want and im going to wait and have faith on god because he knows what to do :D. I’m happy and will always do the right thing and never try to cheat god by doing bad things :D.

Truth #17 Learning To Remind Myself That To Trust God With His Timing With Finding My Future Husband!


So Valentines Days is coming up and as of now my friends are preparing to spend that special day with their loved ones. No matter what I will always be happy for them because honestly everyone deserves to be happy! Earlier today on Facebook I saw one of my friends post about how wonderful her boyfriend is and how she wasn’t to marry him soon and he agrees. Now of course this melts my heart but also makes me sad as well. I am still learning to wait patiently but sometimes its hard because everyone else is happy with their soulmate. I know god loves me so that makes me happy. I also know that as of now he needs me to be close to him as possible. As of now I’m doing that but some days I just wish I can meet my future husband.

I love god so much and trust him as well so I plan to continue to wait while also paying attention to him not matter what. Sadly I might not get a bouquet of flowers or heart shaped chocolate candies for Valentines day from my future boyfriend. But it wont really matter because I have god and I know he’s working on someone who really needs me :).


Truth #13 God Will Bless You When You Least Expect It

I just remembered when something dear happened to me causing myself to cry myself to sleep. I remember that I wanted to say happy Thanksgiving to my best friend that I loved but failed. I was hurt because I really wanted to say it but choose something more selfish. That night I feel asleep hurting and crying. Than that Sunday I think was when I got to actually get confidence to text him saying happy late thanksgiving. After that we talked for aย  while and then he told me that he was ultra happy to see me that he actually wanted to hang out. It was just the two of us so I didn’t know if it was a date or just hanging out. But that didn’t matter because we had fun and talked about our future jobs. It was really fun and he even let me take home the rest of the pizza which I shared with my family :D. We are still best friends now but I’m happy that God let me see my best friend again :D.

What I Would Love In A Life Partner

Thank you @preachermomblog for inspiring myself to do this :D.

Here is my list:


  1. I always dreamed that my future lover God will create for me is an adorable nerd who enjoys video games and Japanese culture like myself.
  2. Any race is fine (white, African American etc.)
  3. Must always love god first no matter what
  4. I would enjoy it if we cuddle and tell funny silly jokes
  5. Appearance will never matter to me
  6. Personality is a huge must (I wish for them to be ultra nice and sweet meaning they will help others and love others like I do)
  7. Motivate myself to get up and go to Church and join the community
  8. Help me cook but not cleanย  (I really enjoy cleaning ^^).
  9. BONUS IF THEY HAVE ANY ACCENT (preferably a British one)
  10. In 5 years I wish to live a godly life with them
  11. In 10 years same but with a family
That’s all but mostly they need to focus on god while helping myself do the same forever.


Thankful for:

  1. God
  2. Family
  3. Sleeping
  4. YouTube videos
  5. Dancing
  6. New audition video
  7. Reading important articles
  8. Future hubby
  9. Helping parents and others
  10. Fun online quizzes
  11. Life
  12. Food
  13. My dog kito
  14. Editing my new video
  15. Friends
  16. Laptop and cellphone
  17. Studying and HW

Thank you for 20 followers


Hey guys ^^ thank you all for 20 followers :D. You all make me so happy to keep blogging about my life as a Christian woman. Everyday I have trouble and have a hard time but you guys motivate myself to keep blogging about god himself. I recently got my heart broken because I felt that since I’m not smart or pretty enough than no one would ever love me. This boy who I liked for a long time turned out to be married and very happy. I was extremely happy but also upset. Then I began to think about giving up on love and focus on loving others instead. It hurts a lot but I have a lot of problems and addictions of my own and I don’t wish to hurt anyone else with these problems. I forever love god first and maybe its best to be single and focus on him until old age ^^.